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Kesha Smith

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Growing up the youngest of four has its advantages and its disadvantages. For me there was more disadvantages. My family was not the loving, touchy, or very encouraging type of people. We did not hear “I love you” or “great job” or “You can do this” however, now knowing and understanding why, this is something my parents did not know how to do. Both of my parents grew up in families that had addictions, depression and low-self-worth as a part of their DNA. As expected, this seeped its way into my life.

As a young kid into my early adult years, I silently dealt with low self-esteem and low self-worth. I was always looking for someone to say anything “nice” to me, maybe tell me that I was pretty, and I always tried to be a part of a group.

As a teenager I decided I would just work my tail off and just make money. Maybe money will help me feel like I was something! I had my own car, my own bank account, my own whatever money would buy, but I still did not love myself! I would put on this hard outer appearance to people to make them think I was so strong and confident, but inside I was very sad and depressed.

I took this sadness into my marriage. My husband is so great, giving me the love and companionship that I so longed for. He tells me often he loves me and that I am his “dream”, but I had the hardest time accepting this about myself. My sadness was taking a huge toll on me as well as my marriage. I prayed to God to help me.

For the next 7 1/2 months everyday I would look at myself in the mirror and had the hardest time trying to convince myself that I was worth what my husband and others could see about me that I just could not! Oh, you are talking about hard, this was the hardest thing that I had to ever done in my life. I was and had lived all my life thinking of myself was worthless and that I deserved to be in this state.

Then on that 8th month, with the help of God and a Life Coach, I made the CHOICE to change! I made the CHOICE to accept, choose and change my feelings and thoughts. I made the CHOICE to be me! The journey was not easy but was well worth it.

Today, I believe in the power of a CHOICE and the small but powerful word "NO"! Our lives are produced, narrowed, and directed by these two actions. I can say, I am a more confident person and I love the person I am!

Let's work together to get you to a place where you can enjoy your life! Email me and let me help you Choose the new narrative for your life. Sometimes we just need someone to help us see that we can Choose to be free, learn to say "NO" and live a life that is productive, and happy!

We were not created to do Life alone, so Let’s do Life together!

-Coach Kesha