What are People saying about Coach Kesha?

Working with Kesha has truly been life changing. She has always been someone I can call on to give me unbiased feedback and help me solve problems in life.

One recent example of how she helped me is by working with me to position myself to negotiate the biggest raise I’ve ever received on my job. It wasn’t necessarily about the money, although that itself was life changing for me and my family; it was about helping me build my confidence and realizing my value. There are many more examples of how Kesha’s coaching changed my life, so many that I could probably write a book about it!

Overall, the value she offers totally exceeds the investment of her coaching. I highly recommend working with Kesha to help you see and become “Your best YOU!”

C. Rose

I really have found the coaching information VERY helpful. I have to thank you for helping me find my way back to a balanced life with boundaries.”